Claudy Jongstra

Sustainability is about the long term. About preserving the value and quality of materials, objects and resources.

In Waste Materials, Claudy Jongstra not only honours her materials, but also respects non-material resources such as cultural traditions, folklore and heritage. What sets Jongstra’s project apart is the designer’s control of the production process from start to finish, and the fact that all stages of the process serve a function. Claudy Jongstra keeps a herd of Drenthe Heath sheep, which helps preserve the breed from extinction while also conserving the natural landscape. She dyes the wool with dye-plants cultivated in her own hortus botanicus and uses time-honoured techniques such as carding and spinning. Claudy Jongstra creates contemporary textile designs that celebrate traditional artisanal methods.

The jury is impressed by Waste Materials and encourages Claudy Jongstra to place even greater emphasis on communicating her passion for her approach and working method, partly by ensuring that, when people see her artwork, they are also aware of the philosophy behind it. This will broaden public awareness of green production methods, making them more widely accessible.